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Our Experience in Telecommunication

Listening to Trade Customers.
  • Tracking study to examine the relationship between customers and Trade Customers of mobile phones including operators, distributors, and retailers – GCCs, Levant and African region
  • In total, 21 markets combined online and offline data collection

Customer Satisfaction Study
  • B2B interviews among Providers

Mobile Phone Color Study
  • Gang Survey approach among M/F, 18-59 yo who currently owns a smartphone

Telecom Products Brand Survey
  • Face-to-face interviews among owners and intending to buy a phone in the next 1 year (budget more than 500 USD)
  • Male/female, 21-54 yo, ABC1C2
  • Coverage: GCC countries
  • Sample 500 interviews per market

TV Advertising Impact
  • Face-to-face interviews among M/F, 25-55 yo, locals, Arabs, and Asians
  • Coverage: UAE
  • 600 samples

Usage and Awareness Study
  • Household survey to gain a better understanding of the way household use and perceive the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services within UAE