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Quality Control

The key point in the success of the various methods used for Market Research is having an excelling team of members who posses clear and systematic way of thinking and analyzing, and are also devoted to meeting the objectives. Brand Vision realizes the importance of these elements, ensuring merited candidates are chosen.

Most commonly, selection of candidates is done through careful screening of the databases of supervisors and field interviewers maintained by Brand Vision. These databases are a compilation of exhaustive records including the quality of work, and personal references from field supervision and quality control staff. This process allows selection of candidates that are apt in regards of not only their performance, but also meeting the basic requirement of formal training and momentous in-field experience.

In addition, Brand Vision provides a pre-project briefing and training session, educating the interviewers on the programme’s agenda at the beginning of each project. These sessions, held at fieldwork centres owe their success to active participation from the Project Management Team, the Central Management Team, and the Client’s Representatives.

Post fieldwork & Reporting

After the data has been generated, it needs to be validated to ensure all entries meet the necessary requirements like timings, branch profile information, etc. and then comes the next step of processing of the data.
Thereafter, the data is randomly screened again for any deviation from the original Assessment Forms. These forms are then filed for a limited period of time and destroyed after the lapse of the limited period.

Back-Checks Calls

Field Managers and Supervisors practice thorough screening and supervision for quality control purposes. Field Supervisors accompany each interviewer for at least 25% of their interviews, and all completed questionnaires are checked daily for any disparities. If any deviation is found, it is further investigated.

Quality Checks

After each visit, the interviewers are to complete their Assessment Forms without any delay, and review them with their Supervisors before submitting them along with proof of visit materials, and brochures to the Project Management Team. The team then further checks the Assessment Forms in terms of completion and accuracy.

The Forms are then filed for a limited period of time enabling the Back-check Teams to review them and also conduct random checks.


The Supervisors assigned are in continual contact with the interviewers, guiding them through task completion and any other difficulties they may encounter.

GPS tracking

GPS technology is a relatively new trend that has greatly influenced the business world. GPS stands for global positioning system, and this technology allows users to locate specific places and businesses around the world.

Silent recording

We trying to record all interviews to be sure quality of data.